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TQ Speedway: Blog
  • October Open Marshals

    Posted By: Chris Sullivan - Oct 2, 2012 08:54:17
    We will not have volunteer marshals for the October Open

    We will have a group of marshals that will be available to stand in for racers that do not want to marshal after their race. Cost for those stand ins will be 2.00 for a heat race and 3.00 for a main. It will be the responsibility of the racer to pay the marshal prior to the race and inform them of the position they need to cover.

    We will cover all of this in the drivers meeting.
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  • Marshalls

    Posted By: Chris Sullivan - Mar 1, 2012 23:05:34
    Drivers will not have to corner marshal, we will have volunteer marshals that will be working for tips.
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  • Raffle Prizes

    Posted By: Chris Sullivan - Mar 1, 2012 23:03:55
    Raffle prizes so far:

    (1) RS ESC

    TQ Speedway & Hobbies
    (2) 30.00 in store gift cards
    (3) 5 Practice Punch cards

    Team Associated
    (2) V2 Stamped Multi-tool
    (1) 8 Pc Hex Driver Set
    (1) Reedy 526-S LIPO/ LIFE Charger
    (1) Wolfpack LIPO 7.4 3400mah 35C
    (1) FT TI Turnbuckle Set
    (1) Large Ball Cups Set
    (1) Vertigo T-Shirt
    (1) AE Flatbill Hat

    Racers Edge
    (2) Pit Mats
    (6) Zip Tie Kits
    (1) 6 Piece Hex Wrench Kit
    (1) Squid Charging Cord
    (3) Aluminum Servo Horns
    (5) Rolls Servo Tape
    (2) Tubes Solder
    (2) .050 Ball Driver
    (2) Body Clip 10 packs
    (2) .050 Power Wrench Hex Drivers
    (3) Grip Knife (X-ACTO Style)

    (1) Personal Transponder
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