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  • Various changes

    Posted By: John Geffe - Feb 11, 2008 16:55:18
    I have been playing with various button and navigation bar styles and getting familiar with paint shop pro 9 again.
    If you have not noticed...
    I have also fixed a minor feature where the coming events link was displaying all the information (event info, status and sign up form) all at once.
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  • Site Updates

    Posted By: John - Jan 27, 2008 11:51:40
    Fixed the way paper entries where handled. Now you can mark them unpaid for sorting purpose.

    RC Scoring Pro version 12.8.2007 has been tested with our export file.
    Some things have slightly changed between versions which can cause real headaches on race date. Please test the export file.
    The benefits are real big when you get it right, match the class name with your software (use the class alias function at wheretoracerc.com) and you can have your race entered and setup in seconds!

    Thanks for using www.wheretoracerc.com
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  • Thanks for using wheretoracerc.com

    Posted By: John - Jan 21, 2008 23:12:31
    Fixed a few nagging bugs, seems when you where logged in, and in an event sign up form, the country and state code's where not being displayed. Narrowed it down to a rouge bracket }, I pretty much hate javascript. It should be called java strict.
    Mostly hate the lack of debugging ability. Just doesn't work. There is probably something that I need to do, but it's working now.

    Thanks for using www.wheretoracerc.com
    I know there are other systems out there with slicker graphics, but nothing compares to the raw power, speed, functionality and flexibility of www.wheretoracerc.com the original database driven online radio control race registration sign up system since 2003.
    Others are today, where I was 3 years ago.
    Compatibly with the most popular race timing software (AutoScore and RC Scoring Pro). I don't view be exclusive as better, but a limiter!

    John Geffe
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  • Flier upload fix

    Posted By: John - Jan 16, 2008 21:13:33
    Looks like sometimes it would take the .doc files and sometimes it wouldn't. I think it's been repaired.
    I also fixed the email script so that if a file is uploaded, you get a message in your inbox.
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  • Little bugs be gone

    Posted By: John Geffe - Nov 14, 2007 22:33:36
    Fixed a little bug where you could not change how many frequencies where required while signing up. The default was 2, but it was always meant to be adjustable between 1 and 3.
    Now it is, I simply forgot to add the field to the form!
    Thanks Todd!
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