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  • Bogus signups

    Posted By: John - Oct 21, 2007 19:43:10
    I hate to do it, but I am going to have to change the way signups work because it seems some bots have it in there minds if they sign up at www.wheretoracerc.com there is someplace for them to post their spam.
    So, I will be looking for bounced email accounts where the users are not signed up for an event.
    If you don't receive an confirmation email after you inital account setup, it probably bounced. There is no way for me to contact you, one of the big violators is comcast.com, instead of the valid comcast.net
    please make sure your email is valid & working before signing up.
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  • Race Report

    Posted By: John - Oct 8, 2007 16:21:21
    I had a great time at Wenatchee this last weekend, the weather was really nice, no rain, no snow, plenty of sunshine.
    The carnies decided not to bunk right next to the track this year, I guess they wanted to sleep in this year??
    1st qualifier bent the front right turnbuckle, couldn't find a replacement, so I just grabbed some pliers and bent it back!
    The P5 ran great, got hammered on in the 2nd qualifier and broke a rear hub carrier and bent the lower hinge pin.
    Qualified middle of the B, but during warm up, a buggy landed on my wing after the big jump and almost broke it off. Decided to pull it because I drove without a wing before and it is hell over big jumps. I would have just been in the way. Didn't have the parts to fix it.
    Good racing all around, make it a point to get to this race next year as it is always fun, the money instead of trophy's is just a bonus!
    Time to put the nitro away and get out the electric stuff for winter. TRCR here I come.
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  • Trying my hand and Flash

    Posted By: John - Sep 3, 2007 15:30:36
    Well, there it is, my art work sucks, but I managed to have several eye catching if not annoying transitions and even a screen shot of an autoscore and rc scoring pro results sheet + a couple of bullet points on what the site does in a nut shell.
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  • Internet Exploder 7 SUCKS

    Posted By: John Geffe - Aug 18, 2007 11:14:15
    In the directors pages, some of the tables bleed past the boarders and makes the page look weird. I have only been able to determine that IE 7 doesn't use the colspan command correct and therefor makes table cells that are too wide.
    My only suggestion at this point is use an alternative (Firefox you boob) to view the layout as it is intended.
    I will be trying to get my Flash Skills up to snuff and hopefully be able to make it a really cool interface. But that's going to take some time to do.
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  • Autoscore Import improvements / new build available

    Posted By: John - Jun 27, 2007 14:18:35
    A new build is available from Autoscore that address some of the import issues that we have experienced in the past.
    Please contact Bill with your serial number to get an updated version. This should help all users of Autoscore.

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