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  • Multiple currency now accepted using PayPal

    Posted By: John `Junkman` Geffe - Jan 11, 2009 15:57:56
    Clubs and hobby shops can now accept payment for their events in any currency that Pay Pal offers.
    It's easy to change the preferences in the Club Setup form after the race director log's in.

    Happy Racing!
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  • Change your car profiles at anytime

    Posted By: John Geffe - Apr 21, 2008 07:35:06
    I noticed a lot of people did not update their Personal Transponder numbers before the Spring Shoot Out, so they had to be entered by hand during check in.
    Racers can update anything in there profile at anytime, if your entered for a race, simply update the information and submit it.
    You will remain entered (if the checkbox was checked) and if it's a class your not racing, it will still update the information.
    This can be done from any event where that class appears and it global for the car!

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  • Slight changes to status listing

    Posted By: John Geffe - Apr 21, 2008 07:32:00
    After the Spring Shoot Out, I changed the excel and csv file exports to show the us channel instead of the frequency, this will allow for racer check in to be a bit smoother then it has in the past since no one knows frequencies, but they do know their channels.
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  • Fixed password recovery function

    Posted By: John Geffe - Apr 12, 2008 14:59:18
    Just in time for the 2008 Spring Shoot Out, the password recovery function has been fixed.
    This affected both racers, clubs and any email that was generated by the web site. The problem was due to some changes my ISP made (I think they re-built the server).
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  • Export can list only the Paid racers

    Posted By: John Geffe - Apr 12, 2008 09:39:20
    Now the race director has the option of only exporting the "paid" entry's for import into their race software.
    This will force those who did not pay to pay when they arrive at the track since they will not be imported by default. At that time, they can fill out the form with their information.

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