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  • New web host

    Posted By: John Geffe - May 18, 2005 22:53:00
    Having a few moving pains associated with moving the web site from one web host to another, but in the long run it will be much better financially. Please stick with us as we go through this.
    Between vacation travel (planned months ago) work travel, and various commitments, the web site was down for aprox two weeks. Thats two weeks more then I expected. Sorry for the inconvience. There are still some small things that need to be worked out and I expect to have them ironed out in the next week.

    More to come. Go ahead and post your comments right here!
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  • Database Maintance

    Posted By: John Geffe - Mar 31, 2005 22:16:44
    Periodically I go look at the data in the database and clear out duplicate drivers. This is a result of either the driver couldn't retrieve their password/username and created a new account, or they sent in paper entries and Corey or Jay entered them it.
    Either way, if you mysteriously have an email in your in-box with your username/password, that's what happened.

    Not a big deal, just trying to keep the database relitivly clean.
    I did find a duplicate entry that resulted in a vacancy in the 1/8 pro buggy class!!

    John Geffe
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  • New signup form

    Posted By: John Geffe - Mar 27, 2005 23:15:24
    The new form has finally arrived:
    This features the ability to change any user data as necessary (id. address, email or other fields),
    Click to join the class that is listed with the event. This get's rid of the confusing but necessary (at the time) step to goto the drivers screen, add your new vehicle, submit, then goto the events page.

    This has all been reduced to:
    Login (if necessary)
    Set primary channel for vehicle classes you wish to join.
    Check the boxes for the vehicle classes you wisht to join.
    Click submit.

    (optional but recommended) Proced to PayPal from the link to pay for your race entries!

    That's it!!

    Oh, javascript is actually pretty easy once you figure out the DOM thing...

    My schedule is going to be pretty wild coming up here during the next few months, with travel for work, play then work again..

    As a side note, I picked up a Mugen Starter Box (1/8 scale) from TRCR, this thing is light, tough and pretty easy to put together. They need to take a lesson from Losi on how to package a kit (to do step one you need to open 6 of the 10 or so bags). When will manufactures figure out to put the part for step one in a seperate bag? Oh well. Since I also run electric I have a bunch of battery packs. This starter box is set up for stick packs, just a little work with an exacto knife and the packs I have fit great. See you all at the track!

    John Geffe
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  • New stuff

    Posted By: John Geffe - Mar 13, 2005 17:53:06
    Added several things:
    1. You can now see who has and who has not paid yet.
    Pick a specific class and those who have paid have a slightly darker background. Mouseover will also show who has paid.
    2. Shows percentage of paid per class.
    Just mouse over the "x of x" part on the left.
    3. Working on limiting total entries in additioin to the "per-class" limit that is now imposed.
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  • Simplification of sign-up

    Posted By: John Geffe - Mar 6, 2005 19:06:50
    All week long I have been hard at work coding the webpage to simplify the sign-up process for events.
    It boils down to this:
    1. Pick the event from the list on the left.
    2. Enter all contact information etc.
    3. Check the cars you wish to run, pick the channels.
    4. Click "Submit"
    Your done with the hard part,
    5. If you wish to pay on-line, continue to Pay-pal to finalize your entry with the race track.

    This may seem pretty boring, but it does several things:
    1. Creates your user account in the database.
    2. Reads your new id number from the database.
    3. Sets up your cars in the database.
    4. Adds your cars to the current event.
    5. Log's you into the web-site.

    All with one form!!
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