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Hosted by: Seattle Indoor Raceway (S.I.R.)

  • Contact:Doug Papka
  • 7633 So. 180th st.
  • Kent, WA 98032
  • 425-251-6119

Hosted At: Seattle Indoor Raceway

  • Map
  • Weather
  • 7633 So. 180th st.
  • Kent, WA 98032
  • 425-251-6119
  • Seattle Indoor Raceway is the N.W. newest and hottest track around.  We offer indoor on-road asphalt/carpet racing. 85 pit spaces, full  driver stand with wheelchair access, full r/c hobby shop and snacks  if you need a boost.
    Visit www.seattleindoorraceway.com for more info and directions

Event Name: Tamiya TCS Regional Race 2006

  • Event Date: Sunday Apr 2, 2006
  • This is a 1 day event.
  • All Classes $0.00
  • Late signup/cutoff is after Saturday Apr 1, 2006
  • Late fee is $0.00 (local currency)
  •  The TCS series started in 1994/5 and it is the only racing series to  promote a fun racing experience that spans across the USA. The TCS  series is supported and hosted by leading Hobby Stores that have fun  promoting with radio control car racing. The tracks that comprise the  series are indoor carpet and asphalt surfaces as well as outdoor  parking lot venues. The TCS series culminates with a 2 day season  finale at the Tamiya America corporate headquarters located in  Southern California. The North American Finals Championship crowns 3  winners that earn a trip to Japan to compete at the Tamiya World  Championships held every November in Shizuoaka Japan. This has been  an ongoing successful series and there’s no reason why you  shouldn’t be part of the fun!


Tamiya TCS Regional Race 2006

Class NameSignup Status Full?
Tamiya F-1 0 out of 100  
Tamiya F-103 GT-RWD 0 out of 100  
Tamiya Group-C-RWD 0 out of 100  
Tamiya GT-1 0 out of 100  
Tamiya GT-2 0 out of 100  
Tamiya GT-3 0 out of 100  
Tamiya Mini-FWD 0 out of 100  
Tamiya Mini-RWD 0 out of 100  
Tamiya Spec 0 out of 100  
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Total Entry's 0 out of 900