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Hosted by: WARCRC "Scale Series"

  • Contact:justinart24
  • , WA

Hosted At: Meadowdale Park (Lynnwood, Wa)

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Event Name: WARCRC 2014 "Scale" Comp #12 @ Meadowdale Park

  • Event Date: Saturday Dec 6, 2014
  • This is a 1 day event.
  • First Class $0.00
  • Second Class $0.00
  • Each Additional Class $0.00
  • Late signup/cutoff is after Friday Dec 5, 2014
  • WARCRC has been running a “Scale” truck series in Washington  since 2006. Scale trucks refer to RC vehicles such as a Tamiya Hilux,  RC4WD Trail Finder, Axial SCX10 and Axial Wraith. We run three  different classes…CLASS ONE: 4.19” max tires, CLASS TWO: 4.75”  max tires and CLASS THREE: 5.75” max tires. It might sound  confusing which class your truck falls under but you can either come  check out our forum (www.WARCRC.net) or come to a scale comp to help  determine which class your truck falls under. Come check us out, we  are all more than happy to show new comers the ropes and help them  out. Hope to see you there!

WARCRC 2014 "Scale" Comp #12 @ Meadowdale Park

Class NameSignup Status Full?
Class One (Street) 3 out of 100  
Class Three (Mod) 2 out of 100  
Class Two (Trail) 4 out of 100  
List All Classes  
Total Entry's 9 out of 300